Elisa Tomaselli born 04 February 1982 in Turin, has since small shown a great passion for music and drawing.

Both her parents are great lovers of music: her father to the American / English one,  while her mother is much closer to Italian “cantautori” from the 70’s 80’s Italian music scene. Of course, it is the classical music that predominates at home.

She joins the church choir at the age of 15 and it is here that the love for the music develops and grows: melodies and perfect harmonies of religious songs inspire her particular voice stamp that will distinguish her style. She self-taught acoustic guitar and she decides to study singing and vocal technique at the private school: “Progetto Suono” with important teachers from Turin jazz music scene, such  as:  Alessando Cora and Marco Testa, from whom she learns the importance of expressive power and the research for a personal style.

At the same time, she continues her passion for the arts and design: a diploma in graphic design first.  Finishing her artistic studies with a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Arts, Music, Theatre, Cinema and Spectacle of her city, give her the opportunity to work, in 2006 during the Winter Olympics Games in Turin, with the actor Jean Reno’ in a small part for the opera “Manon Lescaut”. It is here , at the “Teatro Regio” in Turin that Elisa discovers the magic of theatre and opera: a magical world between reality and fiction where the importance  is to try to convey own feelings to the audience: move them, entertain them but also to empathize with them in what she feels during the performance.

This is the essence of Elisa: live on stage what you feel to be able to touch people deeply.

Later she continues her musical studies, moving towards a more lyrical approach with Loris Pianezze and ultimately she is followed by the esteemed and known soprano Italian / Hungarian Magda Koczka.

Moving to London in 2007,  she creates the band Sense of Creation together with Lukasz Lowkis (which is not part of the band anymore).  Playing in many different venues as “Bridgehouse2” (First ever gig) “Camden Rock”, “Nambucca”, O2Islington Academy and many others.

In 2015 she decides to come back to her home country. After few years of break with music in general, in 2019 thanks to his friend and guitarist Stefano Capista she brings back Sense of Creation in Italy with a new lineup.

As you will see from the tracks,  her vocal varies from modern to lyrical technique reaching up to 4 octaves of the piano ranging and playing with agility from registers of chest to head voice. In the modern singing , she is by singers such  as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbara Straisand, Enya and  Dolores O’ Riordan (Cranberries).  Meanwhile in the Italian music scene are: Mina, Antonella Ruggiero, Anna Oxa, Mia Martini and Giorgia. In the Opera scene Maria Callas is her muse and not only as a singer but also as a person. Cecilia Bartoli, and Anna Netrebko also both as technique and charisma.
Regarding songwriting and in particular regarding lyrics , it is Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) that she really appreciates and admires.  Robert Smith (The Cure) and Freddie Mercury (Queen) are also big inspirations.


To all my family and friends here in Italy and UK and all around the world. To my friends in Bosco (Perugia), to all my music students that I left but only physically you will always have a special place in my heart.

To my lovely Città di Collegno, AslTo3, Enrico Manfredi, Umberto D’Ottavio that gave us the opportunity to have this amazing location Ex Manicomio Collegno.

Last but not least Antonio Gullo you have supported me during this long year, you gave strength and hope believing always in my dreams.

Grazie a tutti! Vi voglio bene.