Sense of Creation wishes to express much appreciation and regards to the following:

Our family, friends, colleagues and supporters. Thank you so much for your strenghth and your motivation. You are our rock. A huge thank You to each of You.

To all the people whose contributions have made this album possible, from Lukasz Lowkis to Richard Campbell, Valerie Christine Ruthford, Gema Alethea Newby, Lukasz Stanczak, Emanuele Mellace, Robert A Clarke, Izabela Jung, Tim Palmer, Wesley Peile, Tobia J. Junior Vitiello, Angelo Santorelli, Manuel Vincelli, Paolo Vallerga, Roberto Cufaro. Thank You!

Thanks for being here.

Elisa, Stefano, Tony, Antony, Andrea.


Music by:

Lukasz Lowkis

Orchestra by:

Lukasz Lowkis

Vocal Melody Lines & Lyrics by:

Elisa Tomaselli

Arrangements by:

Lukasz Lowkis & Elisa Tomaselli

Produced at:

The Orpheus Studio in London by Richard Campbell.

Artwork 2020:

Paolo Vallerga


Waleed Arshad

Rehearsal Studio:

Music Factory – Savonera