Sense of Creation sign with Revalve Records

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Sense of Creation are ready to release their first single that will be part of their new album “Forsaken Era” to be released next fall on Revalve Records.

“Voci” is the title of the single which faces a very delicate thematic and will be available from July 24 in all digital stores.
Listen to the preview and add the pre-save of the song to this link:

Band says:
“I was just a kid when you kidnapped me”
“Voci” came from the desire to deal with a theme that remains a taboo in 2020: physical and psychological abuse against children.
Too often these crimes go unpunished and leave thousands of victims wandering with their demons for life.
“Voci” speaks of schizophrenia caused by childhood abuse and the eternal struggle between the desire to want to feel better, to emancipate oneself and the temptation to abandon oneself to a life seems marked.
For this reason, I chose the Ex Mental Hospital of Collegno as the location for our official photos.
It is a place that is beautiful, evocative, partly redeveloped, but drenched in its history.
Here, today the echo of the “voices” of men and woman is perceived to be of those who fought against themselves, abuse, prejudice and injustice.
Voices is written for you.
I love you,
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